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4 Weeks Training & Karate Uniform. Only $39.00

Adults and Teens Karate Classes


Kansai Karate adult classes are targeted at 13 years of age and up. These classes are designed to incorporate teaching of traditional karate with the benefits of self-defence, fitness, health and wellbeing.

Adult classes are specifically designed to cater for today’s customers.
Whether you are interested in meeting goals such as Fitness, Personal Protection, Sports or interested in learning a traditional Martial Art of Japan, Kansai Karate Academy will help you set and achieve these goals and more.

Kansai not only offers the chance to train in a respected martial art but also to compete in competitions, go on annual camps and attend regular social events. Kansai Karate Academy also insists that you train with only the best. Over the years Kansai has produced many champions, from state to national champions.

Special Offer

4 Weeks Training & Karate Uniform.
Only $39.00