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Sports Karate

Elite Kata and Kumite Training

Kansai Karate aims to provide Competition karate training for Development and Elite levels of Martial arts, in both Kata and Kumite.

Kansai not only offers the chance to train in a respected martial art but also to compete in competitions, go on annual camps and attend regular social events. Kansai Karate Academy also insists that you train with only the best.
Over the years Kansai has produced many champions, from state to national champions.

Gives the student the opportunity to practice and learn both pre-arranged and free sparring. All students are required to have the essential safety equipment for this class. Equipment includes mouthguard, hand mitts shin instep and groin guards for males. This class also gives the student the opportunity to meet and train with fellow students of lower and higher grades.

Shukokai style of karate has a number of kata (forms), this specific class gives the student the opportunity to learn and practice kata for either their grading or tournament purposes.